Who is My Neighbor? is a new podcast about what it looks like to love your neighbor. The first season focuses on the present moment: how do we love our neighbors amid a pandemic and a history of racial injustice? From the heart of Durham, this podcast highlights stories that are often overlooked and features guests who speak with wisdom and action. Your hosts – Keith Daniel, Tammy Rodman, and Reynolds Chapman – will offer a theological and practical lens to help you discover how Durham’s story, your story, and God’s story are interwoven, and how you can love your neighbors right where you are.

Episode 1: Hosts Tammy Rodman, Keith Daniel, and Reynolds Chapman introduce themselves, share their stories, and discuss the pandemic and racial injustice.

Episode 2: On this week’s episode, we speak with Durham civil rights activist Virginia Williams about her participation in the 1957 Royal Ice Cream Sit-In protest. Ms. Williams offers her advice for current-day activists, and how to hold onto hope in the midst of discouraging injustices.

Episode 3: Over 75% of recent coronavirus cases in Durham are in the Hispanic/Latino community. On this week’s episode Ivan Almonte and Miriam Valle share stories from the frontlines of caring for their community and offer a way forward about how to change the current reality.