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Caring for your neighbors in holistic ways is a lifelong journey that requires ongoing growth and development for individuals and communities. We provide resources to educate and equip all the residents of Durham with practical ways to get involved, insights on pressing issues, and theological content to help you live a life that reflects the whole gospel.

Resources for Community Violence


Racial Justice 

Loving our neighbors involves confronting and repairing the narratives that deny that all of us have been created in the image of God. The enduring narratives and systems of racial difference and white supremacy continue to have a devastating impact on all of us, especially people of color. The Church has a unique role to confess, lament, repent of, and repair the racism we experience in our community as we witness to the New Creation that Christ makes possible.

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Learn about opportunities to care for your neighbors in holistic ways.

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Visit our events page to learn more about events and workshops throughout the year.


Want to go deeper? DurhamCares will partner with your congregation in a consulting relationship that includes workshops, interviews, and surveys that help your congregation discover how you can be part of God’s mission in your community and holistically care for your neighbors. If your congregation is seeking guidance specifically around racial justice, we will tailor our consulting to focus on the work of racial justice. Our consulting approach emphasizes four things:


  • Christ-Centered and Church-based: We are rooted in the Christian tradition and understand the unique hopes, challenges, and cultures of churches.
  • Collaborative: Rather than reduplicating resources, we highlight the unique gifts of resources that already exist.
  • Place-based: We help congregations learn about their neighborhoods and city through understanding history and today’s most pressing challenges.
  • Racial Equity: Our framework emphasizes actively working against racism to pursue racial equity in our city. We do not offer racial equity training – rather, we use a racial equity approach.


Reynolds Chapman: Local History Matters to God

Reynolds Chapman: Local History Matters to God

Read “Reynolds Chapman: Local History Matters to God,” an edited conversation with Joan Huyser-Honig about learning local history and incorporating it into worship in the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Resource Library.

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Beyond the Skyline

Beyond the Skyline

On a spiritual journey through Durham, the Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope peels back the layers of the city, revealing chapters of its history that are not always visible from the surface.

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Year in Review 2023

Year in Review 2023

We are pleased to share with you this 2023 Year-in-Review. Thank you to all our partners, participants, volunteers, donors, staff, and interns who have made our work possible

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