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Caring for your neighbors in holistic ways is a lifelong journey that requires ongoing growth and development for individuals and communities. We provide resources to educate and equip all the residents of Durham with practical ways to get involved, insights on pressing issues, and theological content to help you live a life that reflects the whole gospel.

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Learn about opportunities to care for your neighbors in holistic ways.

Events and Workshops

Visit our events page to learn more about events and workshops throughout the year.


Want to go deeper? DurhamCares will partner with your congregation in a four-month consulting relationship that includes workshops, interviews, and surveys that help your congregation discover how you can be part of God’s mission in your community.


“Who is my Neighbor?” Podcast

Who is My Neighbor? is a new podcast about what it looks like to love your neighbor. The first season focuses on the present moment: how do we love our neighbors amid a pandemic and a history of racial injustice? From the heart of Durham, this podcast highlights...

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ReCity 20 for 20 Summer Madness Sharp Shooting Contest

What? Keith Daniel, DurhamCares Board Chair and 2018 Bull City Madness Tournament Champion challenges the ReCity network (staff, board, or program participant) to a free throw and 3-point shooting contest. Winning organization receives $500 donation. If...

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Moving Forward

Moving Forward: A Global Pandemic, Racial Injustice, and Church Leadership in a Time of Crisis In late May, as stay at home orders were beginning to lift, faith leaders were faced with the question about how, if, and when to transition to in-person...

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Yet Holding On

A reflection from DurhamCares Pilgrimage Director, Tammy Rodman Wheeew...how are you all doing out there?  I don't know about you but this season has been a roller coaster ride for me.  Watching the ticker in amazement as 100,000 or more people have died in this...

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Pilgrimage Through the Pandemic

Photo: News and Observer Pilgrimage Through the Pandemic A Series for Learning, Reflection, and Transformation DurhamCares invites you to join us for four conversations dealing with some of the ways COVID-19 has impacted the community.  These...

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