What is the Pilgrimage Media Toolkit?

We want to make it easy for you to spread the word about the pilgrimage in your congregation or organization. The content on this page gives you everything you will need to share about the pilgrimage. Just click the link to download or go to the online content. It includes the following:

  1. A blurb for your bulletin and/or newsletter
  2. A video for you to show at a meeting or during worship
  3. A flyer for you to email or print out for people in your community
  4. A powerpoint slide and JPG image that can be put on projected announcements during an event or worship service
  5. Some suggested social media posts

If you would like assistance or additional materials, please contact Tammy Rodman at [email protected]

  1. Bulletin Blurb

Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope

Do you love your city? Are you looking for ways to connect your faith with the place you live? The Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope is an opportunity to connect Durham’s story, your own story, and God’s story. Through a weekend of visiting important places, hearing the stories of leaders who have shaped the city, and engaging in discussion with a cohort of fellow pilgrims, participants reckon with the challenges Durham has faced and witness the hope in our community. The next pilgrimage is March 20 at 3pm through March 22 at 4pm. The registration deadline is Monday, March 9. To register, and for more information, visit www.durhamcares.org/pilgrimage. If you have questions, contact Tammy Rodman at [email protected]

2. Pilgrimage Video

3. Pilgrimage Flyer


Next Pilgrimage March

4. Pilgrimage Slide

March Pilgrimage Slide

5. Pilgrimage Posts

Example Posts For March Pilgrimage